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Programs of expertise

As a recognised expertise organisation, Royal Dutch Visio has the mission to enable people with visual impairment to participate. We do this by continuing to develop, test, secure and share knowledge about (life with) a visual impairment as much as possible, nationally and internationally. With the aforementioned principles, five expertise programs have been developed.

International agenda

In addition to these national expertise programs, Visio is also active internationally. The international agenda focuses on developing, testing, sharing, transferring and safeguarding knowledge. Visio also wants to contribute globally to the participation of visually impaired and blind people, and is an international partner in advocacy with and for the target group.

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Purposeful and substantiated

It is getting more important working purposefully and to better substantiate what we do.
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Knowledge and ability

Processing information about the world around is strongly linked with the use of all senses. Visio focusses on a challenging environment for each client.
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ME Health & education

Society digitalises and Healthcare cannot escape from this development. With the ME health & education program Visio is preparing for the future.
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Super accessible & Living experience

Using technological developments must enable visual impaired people to be sulf-sufficient indoors and outdoors.
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The client in his power

A healthy physical and mental foundation has a positive influence on your self-esteem and on the ability to participate.
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