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The importance of medical records

People approach Visio in several ways; on their own initiative, via general practitioners, ophthalmologists, neurologists, other medical specialists, social workers, therapists or psychologists. Visio always acts on the basis of their medical records.

The possibilities

By the time Visio has received a client, Visio usually is already familiar with his/her medical records. If that is not the case, then the client can request his/her medical records or provide Visio with a written permission to request the records.

In all cases, it is essential that the medical records are provided as soon as possible. Only then can Visio determine whether:

  • The client belongs to the target group.
  • A supplementary examination is needed for rehabilitation or counselling, and how the client’s needs can best be handled.
  • The client is eligible for financial compensation or reimbursement from the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act or the health care insurer.

If you have questions about referrals, do not hesitate to contact Visio.