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Advice & guidance

Do you work with children who have visual disabilities or with children, adults or elderly citizens who have multiple disabilities? Do you work in education or a care facility and you are confronted with such situations?

Visio provides advice, training and guidance to professionals who work for or with partially sighted or blind people. This could be useful for speech therapists, psychiatrists, ophthalmologists, behavioural scientists and physical therapists.

Working with children

Staff members at childcare centres, rehabilitation centres and crèches notice that some children remain behind or are afraid of climbing and/or ball games. They sit very close to their work, stumble very often or are very tense, which causes them to overlook or lose sight of the bigger picture.

Visio advises about:

  • How to deal with children with a visual disability
  • Adapting the environment, such as applying contrasts or using specific materials
  • Adapted games and information material

Working with adults

Do you employ someone who is partially sighted or blind? Are you counselling someone who is partially sighted or blind and who is looking for a suitable job or wants to rejoin the workforce? This often leads to questions about how a workplace can be optimally designed, what are the best conditions or what are the most suitable tasks. Visio has a specialised team for providing guidance and advice about visually disabled persons in a workplace.

Working with the elderly

People who work in the elderly care sector (home care, old age homes and nursing homes) are regularly confronted by people whose sight is deteriorating. These people no longer dare to go outside or feel isolated because they can no longer enjoy their hobbies. Visio advises you on how you can help such people continue to function as independently as possible.

Working with people with multiple disabilities

Studies have shown that visual problems occur relatively often in people with mental disabilities. Visio provides advice to people who work in children’s day care centres, family replacement homes or institutes for mentally disabled persons about how to work with partially sighted or blind clients.

Visio in your area

Publications of Visio

The webshop of Visio contains publications to increase your knowledge and understanding of the visual impairment.