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Knowledge and ability

Participate in a world that you understand. That is what the expertise program Knowledge & Ability focuses on. It is simply not easy to participate with a visual impairment in a hectic society that is also visually adjusted.
With the Knowledge & Ability program, Visio wants to ensure that all children aged 0 to 20 with a visual impairment have a good, equal, promising place in society.
For this reason, the following program objectives will be central in the coming years:
  1. Children and adolescents with a visual impairment have a better understanding of the world around them, both the physical world and the “seeing society”.
  2.  Children and adolescents with a visual impairment (and the system around them) have more insight into their own possibilities and limitations, in their way of gaining information through their senses and in their learning strategies.
Various projects and activities contribute to achieving these goals.
Concept development is one of them. In the near future, other projects will also be given a place on this website.

Concept development

An object only becomes meaningful if we have received information from various senses, and we have been able to combine this loose information into a whole: the concept.
Read more about concept development