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Guidelines for referral

The guidelines for receiving counselling from Visio were set in 2011 by the Dutch Ophthalmologic Society.

The guidelines are:

  • Vision of 0.3 or less
  • Reading vision of 0.25 or less
  • Visual field diameter of 30 degrees or less
  • A remaining visual field capacity (residual vision) between 0.3 and 0.5 and an assistance issue that cannot be solved (or adequately solved) within the therapeutic possibilities provided by a regular ophthalmologist.

Additionally: Visio does not apply the 0.3 norm in a strict manner. In other words, even if you have doubts, it is always worthwhile to contact Visio.

Neurological disorders

There are also people who suffer from a neurological disorder, but without any demonstrable visual disability. Following consultations between the referring physician and Visio, they too can often benefit from Visio’s services.