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Research and projects

Scientific research is an essential part of the Visio organisation as centre of expertise for partially sighted and blind people. And it is well embedded in the organisation by connecting it with InZicht (InSight) and various professors and lecturers. A strong focus in this is implementing the research results into practice.

Visio also considers its societal task to develop, ensure and disseminate specialist expertise. Although we constantly update, develop and innovate, the ultimate effect still needs to be proven.



Autism in combination with a visual impairment, possibly in combination with intellectual disabilities requires a lot of knowledge and expertise in all areas.
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Exercise and vitality

Health and vitality are interrelated. With good vitality health risks deminish and experience a sense of wellbeing increase.
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Serveral projects

On this page you will find the current, completed and implemented projects and research in various fields.
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Visio in your area

Publications of Visio

The webshop of Visio contains publications to increase your knowledge and understanding of the visual impairment.