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Digital assistance devices

You can turn to Visio for questions and advice about how to use various digital assistance devices. Visio organises all sorts of courses and training throughout the country about how to use assistive technology, such as iPhone or iPad.

iPhone and iPad

Apple develops innovative technology products that are accessible to everyone . For example, the iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X equipped with all kinds of auxiliary functions .
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A screen reader is a software program that allows the text on the computer screen can be read out loud.
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Braille display

A braille display is an assistance device for blind people to read digital information.
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Daisy player

Listening of a Daisy cd-rom is possible by a Daisy player; that is similar to an audiobook.
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About Visio

Visio welcomes anyone with questions about being partially sighted or blind. Visio provides information and advice as well as different services related to research, counselling, rehabilitation, education and living.