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Special education

If a partially sighted or blind child cannot keep up with the demands of the regular primary school or if the school cannot offer an optimally adaptive learning environment, then this pupil can attend a school of Visio for special education.

Identical end goals

In the first instance, this is a regular school where pupils learn, develop, play and enjoy themselves. We endeavour to achieve the same core objectives as the regular primary school, but we work with components that are adapted or supplemented due to the pupils’ visual disabilities. Pupils develop the same knowledge and skills as their peers in the regular primary school. Because it is essential that everyone is able to follow the lessons well, the tempo is usually slower and the groups are small: six to twelve pupils per class.

Adaptations in various areas

While aiming for the same goals, Visio schools are nevertheless considered special. The visual disabilities of pupils require a great deal of adaptation in teaching: the design of the school and the classrooms, the choice of methods and materials (and their adaptations), the use of optical assistance products, the didactics and the pedagogic approach.

Primary education – and beyond: Society tends to use more and more visually attractive materials and methods. This can present problems for pupils with visual disabilities. Our teachers are faced daily with the task of making the visible world more comprehensible for our pupils.

Our tasks therefore entail taking into account the possibilities and limitations of each pupil. Besides a visual disability, many of our pupils also have other problems, such as socio-emotional problems, learning problems or behavioural problems. This requires a specific approach or adaptations. Our teachers and other professionals are schooled and are expert at coping with a combination of disabilities.

That makes Visio education special and adapted to the possibilities of each pupil.

Visio has its own special education schools in Amsterdam, Breda, Grave, Haren, Huizen en Rotterdam.

Visio in your area

About Visio

Visio welcomes anyone with questions about being partially sighted or blind. Visio provides information and advice as well as different services related to research, counselling, rehabilitation, education and living.