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Rehabilitation at Visio

Even with having a visual disability, you can still function independently. Visio supports and counsels you in relearning to use your capabilities and in acquiring skills. This could apply to every day activities, such as getting dressed, making coffee, cleaning, as well as skills in the area of mobility, free-time spending, education, paid or voluntary work. Rehabilitation can take place at home, in one of our facilities, or for a temporary internal stay, at Visio Het Loo Erf in Apeldoorn.

Learning braille

Learning braille give people the possibility to read and communicate without relying on others
Read more about learning braille


Reading a newspaper, using a computer and telephoning are several ways of staying informed and actively participating in society.
Read more about communication

Use of smartphone, tablet and computer

The introduction of smart phones, tablets and computers has opened a new world for partially sighted and blind people. Visio offers extensive advice about using these devices as means of assistance.
Read more about use of smartphones

Intensive rehabilitation

If visual disability causes multiple problems in your daily life and you are over the age of 18 come to Visio
Read more about intense rehabilitation

Coping with a visual disability

Having or developing a visual disability can hinder a client emotionally and socially.
Read more about coping with visial disability

Optimal use of senses

Visio teaches you how to use your remaining visual capabilities optimally as well as your other senses (touch, hear, taste and smell).
Read more about use of senses

Orientation & mobility

People with a visual disability often find it difficult to travel alone. Visio counsels and trains you how to relearn this skill.
Read more about orientation and mobility

Personal care

You can turn to Visio for questions about dental care, washing, hair care, toilet use, getting dressed, use of medicine, eating and drinking.
Read more about personal care

Independent living

Independent living, cooking and doing housekeeping with a visual impairment?
Read more about independent living

Visio in your area

About Visio

Visio welcomes anyone with questions about being partially sighted or blind. Visio provides information and advice as well as different services related to research, counselling, rehabilitation, education and living.