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International projects

Visio International is a department of Royal Dutch Visio, an expertise centre for blind and partially sighted people in the Netherlands. Royal Dutch Visio enables visually impaired children, young people and adults to participate in society as fully as possible.

Visio International makes use of the knowledge available at Visio to continually improve the care and education of blind and partially sighted people in countries that are short of funding. Visio International cooperates with organizations in other countries by carrying out projects.


Visio International mainly focuses on the exchange of knowledge with foreign organizations for blind and partially sighted people. We:
  • provide training
  • help set up rehabilitation and education systems
  • advise on policy issues
  • exchange knowledge and experience concerning new developments.
When exchanging knowledge, Visio International also provides material support, such as play and test materials.


To achieve a successful international cooperation, Visio International applies a number of basic principles. For instance:
  • we always look for tailor-made solutions.
  • partner organizations should be able to continue independently.
  • we encourage exchange of knowledge between regions.

Work area

Our work area covers Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Dutch Antilles and Surinam. However, if we receive an application for a promising initiative in another foreign country, we will consider it, providing it meets our criteria.


Visio International cooperates with organisations in other countries by carrying out projects.
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Visio International cooperates with partner organisations in other countries by carrying out projects.
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Application and work process

For each project we have a series of questions which form the basis of our approach. It is only by answering these questions that we can provide tailor-made solutions.
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