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The Visio International team

Visio International Team
Els KeijzerEls de Keijzer

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Els is an international programme manager at Visio International. She joined Visio in 1990 as a nursing intern and then focused on multiple disabilities and vision impairment, first as a group leader and after that as an itinerant counsellor. She went on to work as an accessibility consultant and project manager. Since 2017 she has coordinated the Visio International programmes in Egypt and South Africa.


Aukje SnijdersAukje Snijders

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As a programme manager for international knowledge development and Innovation, Aukje is responsible for overseeing Visio’s portfolio of international activities, such as participation in networks and projects. She is a board member of two of the main International networks in the field, ISLRR and Enviter. She has considerable experience in proposal writing and managing EU funds. 


Jan van TilJan Til

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Jan joined Visio in 2020 as an international programme manager, responsible for Ghana and Botswana. During his 30 years career in development cooperation in a number of African countries he has built expertise in programme development and implementation, result management and monitoring and evaluation. 


Biljana VolchevskaBiljana VolchevskaBiljana Volchevska

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In her current role as a project manager for European projects at Visio, Biljana oversees and coordinates a range of collaborative activities with European partner organizations. She also engages in international knowledge exchange and innovation, as well as networking events.


Yvonne WesselYvonne Wessel

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Yvonne is Visio International’s programme assistant. She supports the programme managers and other colleagues who contribute to Visio’s international activities. She handles the administration, secretarial work, logistics and the organization of events.



Petra Wijen

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Petra is an international programme manager who joined Visio in 2008. Currently she is responsible for programmes in Uganda and the West Bank of the Palestinian Territories. Before joining Visio, she worked in media for social change, mainly in Latin America. She has a wide range of experience in programme development and impact management, and has worked with many organizations from around the world in the area of disability and visual impairment.