Our motto: a perspective for every child

Our motto "perspective for every child" indicates that we want to support every child or young person with a visual impairment, with all their possibilities, limitations and talents, in the preparation for the future. Visio education provides students with a visual impairment and students with multiple disabilities and visual impairment (MDVI) all the necessary support, help and tools with the aim that they – as a child, young person and (in their future life) as a adult – appropriate to their abilities:

  • go through life as independently, self-reliantly and autonomously as possible
  • fully participate in an ever-changing society
  • approach the world as a global citizen

Our ambition: the best education and the best guidance

Visio education wants to translate the motto into the best possible education and the best possible guidance for students with a visual impairment. We focuse on qualification, personal development and participation, to encourage every student to develop to the maximum of their abilities on every level. Personal and self-development and successful participation in society  of our students are subjects in which we explicitly distinguish ourselves.

Our vision on learning

Learning and development takes place as much as possible in the middle of society on the basis of a modern pedagogical approach, flexible, appropriate and based on a strong belief in the development potential of all students. Therefore Visio education follows the principle: "Ordinary if possible, special when needed".

In addition to general cognitive skills, social, emotional and life organizing skills are very important for blind, partially sighted and MDVI students. With challenging didactic strategies and the student always as starting point, we aim to prepare the students as optimally as possible for a place in society. We contribute to the development of students' self-awareness, with a realistic self-image, self-confidence, ownership and autonomy.