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Education for pupils with multiple disabilities

Many children with a mental disability also have a visual disability. The combination of disabilities requires specific expertise and adaptations in education. Visio schools in Breda and Haren are specifically equipped for teaching pupils with multiple disabilities. The schools in Grave, Rotterdam and Huizen also have departments for teaching pupils with multiple disabilities.

Visio’s expertise within the education for pupils with multiple disabilities is geared towards making the visible world more comprehensible for these pupils. To achieve this we take the capacities and limitations of each pupil into account. All the pupils who attend this type of schooling have a visual and mental disability (IQ up to 70).

Safe and familiar

Before children are able to learn, they must feel safe at school. That is why we devote a great deal of attention to this aspect. Each pupil has a permanent teacher or mentor. We stimulate pupils in their development and in finding their place in society. Within the boundaries of their capacities, we motivate pupils to be responsible for their own learning process.

Every child is unique

Within the education for the multiple disabled, Visio offers more than just learning arithmetic, geography or reading. Learning to play independently, eating and drinking or dressing and undressing is just as important as gymnastics and language. The basis for this educational approach is that each child is different and develops at his or her own tempo and in his or her own way. Our employees try to respond to this as best as they can. For each child, we devise an education and care arrangement – together with the parents or caregivers.

The special education for the multiple disabled focuses on socio-emotional development, playing development, sensomotoric development, development of practical life skills, language and communication. Via these cornerstones, the pupils work on core objectives in special education for the multiple disabled. This occurs in such a way that the pupil gets the opportunity to develop optimally as an individual. The special education in secondary schools for the multiple disabled is geared to the transfer of pupils to the next stage of their education, the labour market or daily activities (also with regard to work).

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About Visio

Visio welcomes anyone with questions about being partially sighted or blind. Visio provides information and advice as well as different services related to research, counselling, rehabilitation, education and living.