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Making sense of math

Mathematics is not only a compulsory subject for many students, but also a very difficult subject. Math contains a lot of abstract information and logical reasoning. The knowledge and skills that are acquired are applied in all kinds of daily situations. Mathematics is therefore a very important part of education. To make math more accessible, useful and possibly more fun. The Visio app is now available for free in the Apple Appstore.

With SenseMath, a mathematical function such as y is x squared plus 3 can be converted into sound. With an audio representation of a graph you can quickly get an overview of a graph. The mathematical elements, such as intersections and extrema, are made audible as well. The app is made for and by blind people, but of course anyone can use it.

SenseMath now available for free in Apple Appstore

Screenshot of Visio app SenseMath in Apple Appstore

Optimal accessibility

SenseMath has been developed with a large group of experts such as mathematicians, programmers and accessibility experts to achieve the best usability and accessibility.

A function is entered using the math keyboard specially developed for SenseMath. Each function is displayed in image, speech and braille, via a linear or mathematical notation. In addition to the functions, mathematical elements, such as intersections and extrema, can be toggled on or off in sound. The playback speed can be easily changed. The user is in control over the way you like and need to analyze the graph. SenseMath makes optimal use of all VoiceOver functionalities.

SenseMath at a glance

  • input of mathematical functions via a unique math keyboard
  • the keyboard works with VoiceOver touch typing
  • each function can be entered, saved and edited
  • each function can be read visually, in speech and braille
  • graphs are displayed both audibly and visually
  • mathematical elements, such as intersection points, steps on the x-axis and extrema can be turned on or off audibly
  • math elements can be toggled on or off with the VoiceOver rotor
  • the Magic Tap can be used to play and stop graphs
  • extensive help functionality is available

Follow up and contact

In the summer of 2021, the possibilities of SenseMath will be further expanded. We’re open to suggestions. For more information, help or feedback about SenseMath, please contact project manager Wendy Voorn:
5 screenshots iPhone with app