Multiple disabilities

For Visio, multiple disabilities mean that a person has a physical or mental disability besides a visual one. Visio advises, counsels and assists in looking for solutions that make living with multiple disabilities less complex.

Visual and intellectual disabilities

More than 25% of people with intellectual disabilities are also partially sighted or blind. Precisely this combination makes it more difficult to stimulate children in their development and to counsel adults. Parents, caregivers and counsellors frequently pose complex questions that need to be answered. Visio offers support by means of examinations, advice and guidance.


There is often uncertainty about the visual capacities of people with multiple disabilities. Visio specialises in examining the visual functioning of people with multiple disabilities and in particular how mental and visual disabilities impact each other.

Advice and counselling

As a child grows up, the parents face all kinds of questions: Should my child continue living at home or how can my child develop optimally? Parents who are faced with these questions can call on Visio for advice and counselling. They can also contact professionals employed by institutions and assisted living facilities or activity counsellors at day care centres. Depending on the issues involved, the counselling can be once only, short-term or over a long period.

Options offered by Visio