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Intensive rehabilitation

How can I get back to doing my own housekeeping and to travel independently? I would like to return to work; what do I need for this? I have a difficult time coming to terms with the fact that I can no longer see anything. What can I do about this? I would like to tackle a number of issues related to my partial sightedness and I want to do it quickly and efficiently. Is that possible?

For answers to these types of questions, you have reached the right address. Visio Het Loo Erf is the only centre in the Netherlands for intensive rehabilitation of partially sighted and blind people who want to reintegrate into society. We offer intensive rehabilitation in the area of daily living, housing, studying and working. We respond to the problems and questions about assistance that you have even if these require more than the standard solutions. Our goal is that after rehabilitation you can retake command over your own life.

For whom?

If congenial, acute or progressive visual disability causes additional problems in you daily functioning and you are over the age of 18, then you are welcome at Visio Het Loo Erf for intensive rehabilitation. This also applies if you also have an auditory disability or non-congenial brain damage or if you are not a native speaker. The important aspect is that you are motivated to participate once again in society.

Rehabilitation is always customised

We set up an intensive rehabilitation programme for you, which consists of inter-related components. This allows us to coordinate it according to your personal questions, problems and needs. All the programmes pay attention to skills, optimal use of disability assistance products and how to cope with your disability. You work on an individual basis, but also in groups. Group activities are valuable because they provide you with the opportunity to share experiences with other rehabilitation clients.

An intensive rehabilitation programme lasts approximately 23 weeks. During this period you stay two to five days per week at Visio Het Loo Erf. The ultimate duration of the track depends on your personal situation and requirements. We are closed over the weekends.

Need more information?

Please contact the Client Service Line: T ++31 (0)88 - 585 85 85

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