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On this page you will find the current, completed and implemented international projects and research.

iExpress myself (closed)

The project iExpress myself aims on the exchange of already existing knowledge and development of new innovations in Europe in using assistive devices for MDVI.
Read more about iExpress myself


EDUCARE is a European staff exchange programme where partner organisations have found a common interest in the theme of behavioural problems in connection with visual impairment.
Read more about project EDUCARE

SensNet (closed)

Research have collected information about the concrete learning needs of the professionals working with ageing people with sensory impairments.
Read more about SensNet project

CVI (closed)

The objectives of the CVI project are to gather all the experiences of the partners and to develop a common process and common tools to improve the support of children with cerebral visual impairment.
Read more about CVI - European Project

Visio in de buurt

Over Visio

Bij Visio kan iedereen terecht met vragen over slechtziend of blind zijn. Visio biedt informatie en advies, maar ook verschillende vormen van onderzoek, begeleiding, revalidatie, onderwijs en wonen.