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Advice about accessibility of buildings

Visio advises and provides information with regard to new buildings, renovations and rebuilding projects. Any advice regarding changes or improvements takes into account the existing architecture and situations. Visio offers this service in line with market prices.

Involved from the start

If Visio is involved in development plans from the start, our advice can be integrated into the Schedule of Requirements, which precedes the design phase. This results in a plan that harmoniously combines design and the requirements for installation technology and accessibility. This method is also beneficial from a financial perspective.

Advice about accessibility

Visio’s advice about accessibility contains the following sub-areas:
  1. Analysis of the target group and its needs
  2. Setting up and/or testing a range of wishes and requirements specific for that target group
  3. Designing and/or testing the adaptations and designing a lighting plan and colour schemes
  4. Supervising the realisation of the target group-specific adaptations

The specialisation of Visio

  • Spatial orientation
  • Penetration of daylight and artificial light
  • Choice of materials and colours
  • Assistance products
  • Support in selecting the products

Questions about Accessibility?

If you have questions about Accessibility, please sent an e-mail to

Visio in your area