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CVI (closed)

EU Funding Programme: Erasmus+ KA201
Project coordinator: Mutualité Francaise Anjou Mayenne (FR)
Partners: Centre Régional pour Déficients Visuels (CRDV) (FR), Institut Régional pour Sourds et Aveugles (IRSAM) (FR), Institut Royal pour Sourds et Aveugles (IRSA) (BE), Institut Nazareth et Louis Braille (INLB) (CA), Royal Dutch Visio (NL), Université Miguel Cervantes in Valladolid (ES), ASPAYM foundation (ES), Centre for education and rehabilitation “Vinko Bek” (HR)
Total budget: €300,143
Duration: September 1, 2015 – September 30, 2018
The goal of the Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI) project is to gather experiences and expertise from the partnership and to develop common tools and protocols to improve the support of children with cerebral visual impairment.

The partners have combined skills and experiences to develop different tools:
A methodology for the multidisciplinary evaluation of visual impairments of the brain, an observation tool for the family and loved ones in addition to the evaluation tool, an "individual passport" as a tool to describe the effects of CVI on the child in its daily life, a tool to help those around them to better understand the children.

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