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SensNet (closed)

EU Funding Programme: Erasmus+ KA201
Project coordinator: UEMC (ES)
Partners: Mutualité Francaise Anjou Mayenne (FR), Ashton University (UK), Rittmeyer Institute (IT), ECTE (GR), Visio (NL), NRBC Bulgaria (BG)
Total budget : €262,395
Duration : September 1, 2016 – February 28, 2019
SENSNET is focused on creating a European Academy that designs, develops, tests and valorises an innovative training path adapted to the specific needs of professionals who work with elderly people with sensory disabilities (vision and / or hearing). Main target group of the project form workers in day-care centres for the elderly, geriatric social workers, caregivers for seniors, therapists for seniors, general practitioners, nurses, home care providers and other professionals who provide services to support elderly people with sensory disabilities.

Because the project was set up within and with partners of the ENVITER network, further decisions will be made within the network's board about the sustainability of the platform and Visio’s role in it. This with a view on the costs for maintenance and possibly supplementing the platform with new training courses, this will be discussed extensively in 2019 in order to continue to use the platform as much as possible in the future. The platform is now running with support from the Visio Academy.

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