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The recipe

Paro is a social robot shaped like a toy seal. Since 2003, it has been effectively implemented in psychogeriatric care for people with dementia. It detects voices and sounds and the direction where these are coming from. This pilot researches how clients with both a visual and mental disability react to the Paro.


• 2 residential & day care locations
• 1 Paro
• 10 clients
• 5 employees

Method of preparation

At the location in Huizen the Paro is used with clients with a moderate mental disability and at Breda it is used with clients with severe multiple disabilities. A baseline will be established for every individual client that uses Paro. Its purpose is to evokes emotions, interaction and initiative. For example improve contact, stimulate interaction, training motor functions, etc.


After four months it will be determined if the Paro has been an effective addition. The results so far have been positive.