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The recipe

The Beam is a ‘telepresence’ robot developed by Suitable Technologies. Telepresence means being present in a distant location. The Beam allows a user to log in on their smartphone, tablet or computer and communicate with someone in another location using video and voice. This pilot study is being carried out to see what possibilities the Beam might have in Visio’s residential & day care departments.


• 2 residential & day care locations
• 1 Beam
• 6 clients
• 4 employees

Method of preparation

So far, the Beam has been used to help increase contact between elderly residents of a care home and there family and friends. The Beam has also been used in supervision of clients who can cook by themselves, but who still like someone to be available for potential questions. The Beam could also be used to allow the family of clients to discuss with caregivers when they are unable to attend in person.


The research will result in a summary of the findings and an advice based on these findings. It will then be decided if the Beam has enough potential to really put it into practice.