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Activity tracking

The recipe

What is the effect of wearing an activity tracker by people with low vision. A secondary goal is to map how Visio can integrate the theme "healty life" into the revalidation program.

The ingredients

• 5 Withings  go activity trackers
• 5 Garmin Vivofit activity trackers
• 10 visually impaired and blind users
• 1 enthusiastic student

Method of preparation

During a ten-week user pilot Visio wants to provide insight in the questionnaire of an measured tool stimulate more movement with the user. Prior to this pilot literature review has shown which activity trackers are the best suitable for the pilot. During the pilot interviews will be conducted after which the results of the research will be bundled into an opinion.


• A prototype of an accessible activity tracker
• Program requirements for an activity tracker and a dedicated app, so the target audience can make the best use of it.
• Advisory report on how Visio can integrate the "health" theme into their rehabilitation offer.


Mark Lanting
Project manager Visio Rehabilitation