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The VisioLab is not a physical lab, but a team of experts in assistive technology and innovation. This team is a trend watcher, sparring partner and advisory team within Visio. This team has close ties with partner organizations and universities and is part of (inter)national networks in the field of innovations in healthcare and education.

Accessibility and inclusive technology is top priority at the VisioLab. For questions about making an app, website, but also making a presentation, brainstorm or video fully accessible, VisioLab is happy to help you:

VisioLab studies

Within the VisioLab, short-term studies are conducted in collaboration with visually impaired students and clients. These studies test a new product on usability and accessibility and more important the end user's need and possibilities. The results of these studies are shared on "Kennisportaal". On this website all Visio's expertise is shared and available for you as a client, student, but also as counsellor and advisor.


Products that have proven themselves in the short-terstack of wooden boxes, namely Inspiration Boxesm studies are placed in InspirationBoxes. These boxes were launched to get innovations in the hands of the clients and pupils. The InspirationBoxes are filled with innovative products and technologies, such as smart speakers, robots, home automation equipment and music and exercise materials. These boxes are provided with instructional videos and instructions, so supervisors, teachers and especially clients and students can get familiar with it in a quick, easy and accessible way.

Experience locations

Within Visio several experience locations have been set up. Each experience location is designed and set up differently to the different target groups within Visio. In Grave there is an experience location for children and youth, in Vught there is a location for the elderly, in Apeldoorn for adults and in Vries for adults with multiple disabilities (MDVI). Conducting short-term research, simply experiencing technology and sharing knowledge is necessary to provide insights and solutions for daily life activities with the use of technology. Everyone is welcome to take a look at one of these locations.