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Digital developments and innovations

On this page you will find projects and research in the field of digital developments and innovations.


Visio is developing an app in which a graph can be displayed both audibly and tactile. This makes math more fun and understandable for blind students.
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iExpress myself (closed)

The project iExpress myself aims on the exchange of already existing knowledge and development of new innovations in Europe in using assistive devices for MDVI.
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Since January 2017, Visio has a good and fast way to test and investigate new developments for usability and use for the Visio target groups; the so-called VisioLab.
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Visio in de buurt

Over Visio

Bij Visio kan iedereen terecht met vragen over slechtziend of blind zijn. Visio biedt informatie en advies, maar ook verschillende vormen van onderzoek, begeleiding, revalidatie, onderwijs en wonen.