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Secondairy special education

In addition to special education, Visio also offers special education in secondary schools for partially sighted and blind pupils who can no longer keep up with the demands of the regular secondary schools. Visio's schools offers them the opportunity to develop the same knowledge and skills as in the regular school system and acquire the same diplomas and certificates. The requirements and contents are the same as in the regular secondary schools, but the tempo for completing the schooling is somewhat slower.

Tailored to individual capacities

Although the contents of the secondary schools are similar to those of the regular secondary education, Visio education is also special education. It responds optimally to the individual capacities of the pupils and the teaching is adapted to the disabilities of the pupils. There are adaptations in the arrangements, the materials and lesson methods, in the area of ICT and the use of assistance products.

Progressing safety towards more independence

Visio considers it essential for pupils to feel happy, safe, appreciated and respected at school. Therefore, we devote a great deal of attention to the pedagogic climate and the socio-emotional development. We also consider it important to stimulate our pupils to become more independent and to take more responsibilities. These are central themes that run as a leitmotif throughout our education. This way, we try to contribute to the development of level-headed and self-reliant young people.

Visio provides special education in its own secondary schools in Amsterdam, Grave, Huizen en Rotterdam.

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About Visio

Visio welcomes anyone with questions about being partially sighted or blind. Visio provides information and advice as well as different services related to research, counselling, rehabilitation, education and living.