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Programme Europe

By actively participating in projects and networks, we can (further) develop our care for visually impaired and blind people in the Netherlands and also at partner organisations abroad. Big partners can help us with scaling up and (further) developing knowledge. Small partners can help us with innovation, creative solutions and flexibility in care. For Visio, European cooperation is primarily a means to help achieve our national objectives. Just like in the Netherlands, in Europe we also want to work in a focused manner and with clear vision to make a difference, especially when it comes to our clients’ needs.
Leden van programmateam EuropaCollecting, bringing and developing is possible at different levels: through networks, projects, consortia, joint (scientific) research, but also directly through individual organisations. Programme Europe is committed to maintaining and expanding the European project portfolio, setting frameworks, maintaining European networks, following European trends and raising European (project) cooperation to an even higher level in order to contribute to service improvement for our clients.

Contact Visio

Contact: you can reach the programme team at

Via the pages below you can read more about all projects in Europe.


The aim of this project is that young people with a visual impairment can participate autonomously and self-consciously in an inclusive society, even if they often miss non-verbal signals.
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iExpress II

iExpress focuses on knowledge exchange with regard to the use of supporting IT tools.
Read more about iExpress II

Euromath (closed)

The purpose of the project is to design an innovative multi-tool and an ICT platform called EuroMath to support teachers and students with visual impairments in mathematics education
Read more about Euromath

UBIS (closed)

The partners in this project want to draw up guidelines for making 3D print models.
Read more about UBIS

SensNet (closed)

Research have collected information about the concrete learning needs of the professionals working with ageing people with sensory impairments.
Read more about SensNet project

iExpress myself (closed)

The project iExpress myself aims on the exchange of already existing knowledge and development of new innovations in Europe in using assistive devices for MDVI.
Read more about iExpress myself

CVI (closed)

The objectives of the CVI project are to gather all the experiences of the partners and to develop a common process and common tools to improve the support of children with cerebral visual impairment.
Read more about CVI - European Project