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Products and tools

Exchanging and developing knowledge are important pillars for international cooperation within Visio. This is one of the reasons why we think it is important that knowledge developed within Visio is shared internationally. It creates connections with international organisations that work with people with visual disabilities and contributes internationally to the Visio motto "Making participation possible".

Book CVI in the picture

We therefore proudly present the first product, the book “CVI in the Picture”.

Cover of book CVI in the pictureIt clearly outlines the vision of Royal Dutch Visio on CVI; Cerebral Visual Impairment. This vision is function based, thus clearly illustrating the process of ‘seeing’ from beginning to the end, in a practical manner. The impact of CVI on daily activities and basic advice on how to deal with this are described in detail and provide starting points for setting up assessment and rehabilitation guidelines for people with CVI. It will increase the awareness and understanding of children and young people with CVI, thus increasing the quality of care, and the quality of life for people with CVI all over the world.

This book will therefore benefit people with CVI and their families/ friends and professionals worldwide and forms a strong base for guidelines for rehabilitation on different levels.

Download a pdf of the book.