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International programmes

To make a real impact on the lives of people with a visual impairment, it is important that in a country you work closely: with the government, education, care, community, parents and with children and young people with a visual impairment. We are currently doing this in 6 countries. Every programme tells a story by itself.

Uganda – All we see is possibility

Special about Uganda is that the country does have a good infrastructure for the blind and visually impaired
Read more about the programme in Uganda

Egypt – Road to light

The Baseera Foundation is there to support people with visual impairments.
Read more about the programme in Egypt

South Africa – Bona Ubuntu

The Nkosinathi foundation is an enthusiastic organization that wants to prepare children with a visual impairment to go to school
Read more about the programme in South Africa

West Bank – Jusur

On the West Bank there is often still a taboo on disabilities and where it is still self-evident that children with a visual impairment end up in special education.
Read more about the programme in the West Bank

Botswana – Thuto le Pono Boswa

Education and care are your right; even if you have poor vision or are blind. That is the free translation of the name of the programme in Botswana
Read more about the programme in Botswana

Ghana – Holistic Development Programme for Visually Impaired Children

An overview of the actions that Visio has taken together with the partners since the start of the programme in 2018.
Read more about the programme in Ghana