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Optimising participation and fitness in people with severe mental and visual disabilities

Health and fitness are interconnected. A person who is fit reduces his or her health risks and experiences a feeling of well-being. Physical fitness is the ability to carry out physical activities and it depends on several factors. Every target group has different components that contribute to physical fitness. Children, for example, need different type of physical fitness than adults.

Relevant factors for physical fitness are for example, body composition (including Body Mass Index and waist circumference), stamina, balance, muscle strength and flexibility.

Measuring fitness

Material about the physical fitness factors for people with severe or very severe mental and visual disabilities have yet to be formulated. First, these components have to be defined. Subsequently, the feasibility and reliability of measuring the measurements has to be determined for this target group. For example, the waist circumference, which is normally measured while standing up, is usually measured lying down in this group.

Quality of care

A research study by Aly Waninge adds an important contribution to the quality of care in people with very severe mental and multiple disabilities, because it provides immediate measuring tools with which fitness can be determined. Caregivers are closely involved in this research and receive specific information about how to adapt clients’ movement and nutrition patterns if necessary.

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